Monday, 29 July 2013

My First Day in UNPAR Bandung

29th of July 2013, today is the registration day; well somehow I am excited, curious and happy. Today I go there with my two new friends, Patrisia and Lia. We are in the same boarding house but we are from different faculty. Before we leave the boarding house, we meet a lady, this lady asks for 30k to go back to Lembang because she was lost. Well, at first, I am suspicious towards this lady because trickster are everywhere in this era. But when I saw her eyes are floating with tears so my friends and I gather some money for her. The worst thing is that, our boarding house security told us that she was living nearby and she did it often. Damn,, glad that we are so innocent and I would prefer say it’s her lucky day. Next time, no more. 

Registration atmosphere floats like ants house, it is crowded, hot and I could say pretty fascinating. People are everywhere, yes anywhere. The first time we visit the university, there is a corridor called as wind tunnel, it’s breezy, nice and cool. I love this spot a lot. After that, we meet some seniors, Riri, Indra, Winny, Tata, Ade and others. They are pretty nice and friendly. Riri leads us to look around the university. It’s quite fabulous, large parking area, lots of food stand, crowded line of transportation. Each building seems like having lift and air conditioner for every faculty, but for me the best building is Economy one. In the middle of the university, we can see a large building for all purpose (that is how they call it). I can see a piano inside a corridor and then bank, post office and canteen for each faculty. Another thing is that we can see a large ladder, made from stone, it’s called as “tangga aborsi”. (=_=) sounds pretty horror ee. But the reason of the name because of the shape, that’s what I was told. There are lots of trees anywhere and then trash bin too. It’s a nice green university. Hopefully the next day I come, this place will show me better things again. :D


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