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Shingeki no Kyojin

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack On The Titan).... Well, if you ask me my opinion about this anime.. This one is HILLARIOUS!!!!! Frankly speaking, I don't suggest you guys below 16+ to watch it, OK? There are lots of blood, flesh, nude and kill. (But again, this one is not Hentai anime, I don't watch such thing, so this one is safe, you can just watch nude monster I mean..).  

For my great expectation, this anime can be compare to Claymore and I could say it is better than Naruto. You guys may believe on my expectation, but truly this one is just awesome. When I watched the first episode, shockingly, I don't move, I watch until the last second of the show, it's really really mental striking. For you guys who love extreme, total action and fantasy anime, this one is truly recommended!!!

Episode: 25+OVA
Genre: Action, fantasy, a bit romance, dystopia
 Long time ago, in the year of 800s, there are another creature besides human, animal and plants and it was the titans, gigantic monstrous creature with variant height and weight and with abnormal intelligent. The size is around 5-10 meters and they are brainless, idiot faced. Even so, the most frightening is that they eat humans with unknown certain purpose. As to defend the life of human which is close to extinction, humans for over years build a tall border, a wall to separate the humans and titans which called as Maria (The wall for villagers, poor people, low standard living people), Rose (trader, standard people) and Sina (noblemen and the kingdom). Once, live a young boy and his adopted sister Eren Jaeger and Mikasa Ackerman inside the Maria wall. Both of this sibling has a best friend Armin Arlert, who are an orphan and leave with his only grandpa. One day Armin shows his friend a book which is left by his parents about the world outside, there are seas, dessert, fish, forest outside the wall, because of the titans, people only have the living inside the wall and everything is the same for a century. As that reason, the kingdom create Recon Corps, an organization which train those who wants to attack the titans and investigate the outside world.

On that they, where people are joyfully having their lives inside the wall, suddenly a sixty meter titan destroy the Maria wall, an a tragedy happens when Eren's mother was eaten by the Titan while he and Mikasa were saved by one of the Recon Corps member. The death of his mother makes him a mental shocked, a mental pressure where he intends to kill all the titans with his hands. The fallen of Maria wall makes people inside the Rose wall, where Eren, Mikasa and Armin live, makes people live in scare.  One day, a rebellion pops up inside the rose city, people are lacking of food because the amount of people who migrate increase from the Maria wall area. Without any choice, the king orders to send some of the villagers to get out from the Rose and investigate the Maria area. One of the volunteer is Armin's grandfather, and as the result without any protection, all the people die in instant for nothing. 
These three kids grow and join the military training to be the members of Recon Corps in order of their one purpose, to kill the titans. After so many years training,  on the day they are graduated, the next day an armored titans attack, with his revenge desire, Eren and friends attack the titans. But lots of their comrades are dying because of the numbers of titans. Eren was cornered and his leg was badly injured, while Armin was almost eaten by a titan, Eren then sacrifices himself to save Armin. Inside the titan's body, a miracle happens, Eren can control the Titan himself and find out that he has a new power to control and to suppress a titan. But this is not a happy news, the Recon Corps finds out Eren's new power and claim that he is also the enemy of humanity and set a war to him. Mikasa and Armin try to protect their dearly friend, Eren and in order to save Eren, they have to make sure and make use of Eren to show his true nature in order to save the humanity.  

Well, the story is well-packaged. My heart keeps pounding every time I watch this. Friendship, the bond of family, sacrifice, never give up, revenge, blood, humanity, monstrous, flesh, tears, everything is here. Ironic, happiness, love and hard work. There are lots of moral value here instead of just judging this anime because of the nude idiot titan. For me, this is a masterpiece anime, perhaps it has short episodes, but truly entertaining.
The setting is a little bit different, a western village and then kingdom. The picture is qualified, high class setting, detailed and we can feel the atmosphere of a tragedy. 

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