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Writers Best Choice of 15 Best Beautiful Female Characters Anime

If u ask me from what point I judge them, I also don't know, they are just cute, beautiful and unforgettable no matter how many anime I have watched lols~ Well, I can say I judge by their unique personalities and some skill they are good in.

 15. Nagisa Furukawa (Clannad, Clannad After Story)
She is cute, adorable and kind. Good personality, soft and care each other. I really love her personality especially when she turns to be a mother of Ushio. Dango~ Dango~

14. Minami Shimada (Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu)
Well, frankly speaking there are lots of cute and beautiful girls in Baka to Test, but for me Minami is the one I always remember, how she blushes and smiles. She scores high in math, science,etc except Japanese lols~

13. Nino (Arakawa Under The Bridge)
Eeeee? She has no any good personality I guess, she has no humor, she has no certain thing you should say she is beauty, but she is just unforgettable, Nino claims herself as Venusian and she likes fish, she wears casual sport jumpsuit and she is easily forgetting people's face. She is pretty weird and it makes me want to laugh every time I see her, lols~

12. Sena Kashiwazaki (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukanai)
Sena was born from rich family, great body, beautiful face, genius and athletic. Those perfection makes people around her makes use of her skill. She has no friend and forms a bad behavior of being spoiled and distrust people. But after she gets into "friend club", she changes and falls in love. I like her voice in anime, and pretty good fashion in every episode.


11. Kaga Koko (Golden Time)
Almost the same like Sena, living in rich family, perfectionist but has no friend and lover. Kaga Koko is a cheerful and beautiful character. Once she was falling in love, she always be loyal like a dog. The line she always said "that's the spice of love"!

 10. Sakagami Tomoyo (Clannad, Clannad After Story)
Another character in Clannad, I love this anime really!! Sakagami Tomoyo, a class representative, a kouhai of Nagisa too. She is beautiful with that silver brownie long hair, she is strong, discipline athletic and cute. Although her words are a little bit cold, harsh and strike to hearts.

9. Hitagi Senjougahara (Bakemonogatari)
 A frontal girl and who always talk so flat. Senjougahara has funny personality, even at the time she asks Araragi to kiss her, she says it in flat tone over the starry skies. An independent girl with frontal mouth, a strong, athletic and interesting character for sure!

8.Yuki Asuna (Sword Art Online)  
 A strong, kind and care other people. Asuna who is ever booming in her era of anime, she is strong, beautiful and cheerful. Asuna was trapped in an online game with Kirito, both of them are trying to survive and find the answer how this game can trap people and save the world. Sword Art Online is not only selling its action but also romance, love it!

7. Chitanda Eru (Hyouka)
 Chitanda Eru! Every time I heard her name, one word --> She is cute! Although I am a little disappointed with the anime, I mean there is no romance on it, rrrrwwwaaarrgghh!!! I like Oreki and Chitanda Eru so much~ But again, Chitanda Eru is smart and has a big willingness to know everything.

6. Misa Amane (Death Note)
Well, Misa is hot, a famous model and cute. She is so loyal to Light, although it costs a lot to herself. Well, even for me she is a little stupid.. But actually she has a cheerful and good personality. 

5.  Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)
Jeng..jeng..jeng.. Swooomm!! Erza can changes her armor in several seconds, she is strong, genius, funny, sometimes cheerful, sometimes is so serious. I love her red hair and I love everytime she has new armor!!

4. Mikasa Ackerman (Attack On Titan)
What should I describe about her? Yes strong, yes beautiful, yes she has the one she loves, yes she is genius, her era is just to harsh for such a beautiful woman. 

3. Inori Yuzuriha (Guilty Crown)
 Well, Inori does not talk much in Guilty Crown, but I love it when she sings and every time she tries to support Ouma Shu. She is beautiful, kind. I hate the ending, I really really hate it!!!!!! :SPOILER: She will be dead. Hikz.. She sacrifices herself and I cry a lot~

2. Misaki Ayuzawa (Kaichou wa Maid-sama!)
 Beautiful, genius, hardworking, idealistic wife of every eras. That is how I can describe Misaki! Being caged in poor family does not make her gives up, I love her spirit, I love how she smiles, blushes and being so cheerful! Two thumbs up!

1. Tokisaki Kurumi (Date A Live)
 Well, she is not kind.. She is wicked.. Well, she is not clever, because she cheats with her time magic to study. Is she cute? Hmm.. her bad personality is more dominant I guess. So why I choose her?? For me she is a perfect Yandere! A cute, beautiful, hot Yandere. She is pretty smart in fighting the main character, even they have to gather and destroy Kurumi, but they still failed. Kurumi is also beautiful and for me if she becomes good, she will be an idealistic unique character too~


So that's my nomination of choice, what about yours? :D

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