The Saddening eyes

She sits on the corner
With balck holes inside her eyes
There are storms and darkness
But nobody knows it hurts

People smile, people cheer
But in a second of closing eyes
They took what they want
And they pass, and they go
Like a shadow in senseless

She sleeps in the silence
Although it is a daylight today
Although it was a gloomy yesterday
 Even a crack will not awake her

She writes on the morning dew
But not even close to a word
She writes on the dust beside
but the wind always blows it up

The day will come again someday
When you reach to high and others are behind
They need and they come
They leave and they go away
They see, but they pass
They smile but to behind

They talk but on backstage
They stab but in front your eyes
No one could tell what it means
No one understand what it is for

The seats are always warmer in the alley
But it is cold when it is a corner
The colder is better, the colder is safer
That is how she looks everyday

It seems loney, it seems shadowy
No light, no warmness, nothing at all
And only one can tell how she feels
The writer of this poem you read today


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