Tuesday, 2 August 2016

The Hanging Man

I have ever seen those eyes,
They were spacing out,
with emptiness and sadness.
To worry about crowd, 
To prefer being left behind,
sitting with darkness,
playing with sorrow.
Last time I saw them,
after that those eyes were closed,
sleeping in loneliness, cold and bold
everyone was astonished when you were gone
yes, when you were gone
at last it becomes a regret, 
a too late one to lend for a hand
That watermark of your face,
that sign of needing somebody,
to be cared and to be loved,
to be watched and to be understood.
Where have you been? you asked
If my life costed your awareness
I will do it, so I can be remembered
to be remembered as a tragedy
to be remembered as an agony
yeah, it is better than being forgotten
that is what you whisper to me
so dark, so helpless, so pathetic
yet you were laughing, yet you were smiling
at least you did it......... turning cold and lifeless
by hanging your neck
hovering in the center of the room
to end your sick life to a rest
seeking for peace, hugging an end...
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