Saturday, 27 August 2016

The Secrets Behind Your Face

Just a touch from your palms,
I can read all your honest mind,
Just a hug from your body,
I can feel all the lies you hide behind,
just a call from your intention,
I can sense all the pride and boredom.
All those secret can't be mention to me,
like toying with water guns and balls,
but you back stabbed on me all of sudden with knife.
How dare, how bold, how disgusting, how ironic..... 
Poor you, picking wrong dummy to be dumped for. 
Tell me your scheme along the days,
I want to know that cheap strategies you made,
Playing with my anxiety and worries,
Rolling on my insecurity, let me suffer up,
Chained up the neck, tied up on the hips,
What kind of pain do you seek for me?
I have warned you to stay away
Don't wait I get jealous bitches up
I tell you, I used to all pains and prosecution
You are wrong, hiding so much nasty lies
too smart to cast a magic, too young to be trickster,
my eyes are still aching and full of disbelief,
my lips can't stop spitting on the stupidity,
So you think you are high?  how far can you go?
Who do you think you are? a golden among straws?
Don't ask for a warfare, I am too fear of blood,
It's merciless and full of tears salvage. 
The secrets behind your face is nonsense,
Don't be hesitant, there will be a day we have remuneration.
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