Saturday, 27 August 2016

Your Judgement

You look into my eyes deep in displeasing way,
You judge me like those heathens with tons of despair,
All my friends are the same and none of your taste,
So what was the problem? You don't enjoy the ride with me.
Rejection, objection, refusal, all you did to me,
that watermark was described well on your face,
but you pretend nothing happened and judge me twice a day,
stay swallowing all your pride, abusing my position,
thinking I am an outsider, a lower class muddy peasant.
What you dislike is what I love the most in the mirror,
My freakishness plays wild and attracts everyone closer,
they will follow me, they will adore me, they will fall for me,
they miss me even I am in a hundred thousand miles away,
they do, they do, they hail, they hail, but will you do the same?
You have trust issue, this is for real and the matter is not a fantasy,
look at the skies, even the cloud laughs on my pathetic face,
why should I maintain this maggot nest among the chest?
tickling and biting every seconds, rotting my sense and feelings,
it's killing myself, to be judged by you with those abusive look.
Even I always beg for mercy, think positively and forgive,
none of those attempt suit your appetite, so I am the bad girl huh?
I tried to warn you so many times, those judgement will be a regret,
Everybody knows, everybody knows, you should love me better,
So nobody does the same, and that is just what you should do. 

There won't be rage, tears, harshness or trial,
that way does not suit me either, I reply you before too
as long as you don't owe me, I don't owe you, you said
Isn't it what you talk and hope from me since the beginning?
If I ask you to take my hand on the flame, you won't I bet

A slave, a slave, a secondary, a secondary,
People read the judgement, they write it on bible,
Are you gambling? You are gambling, you judge and gamble,
Awful awful, can't you see your face and self?
I won't tie you up my highness, 
until the day of your judgement comes  

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