Saturday, 12 March 2011

Part 1. Food knowledge: Fusion Sushi (English Text Only)

I love sushi a lot, it helps me to eat a bit and I can say it is a kind of light meal, in some japanese restaurants in my city, there are may sushi dishes but most of them are fusion (mixed sushi with western style).

1. California roll
It is easy  to notice California roll, it contains of avocado, sour sauce and often made uramaki (rice outside and nori inside), it looks very colorful and of course u must try it! Some of sushi portion are not as much as we hope, but sushi is good for our health and diet people. California roll has kani kama (imitate crab stick), cucumber and sometimes there is also tobiko (fish egg with different color, but in general way there are only red and yellow), sushi usually tastes a bit sour sweet and tasty, sour comes from vinegar, sweet comes from sugar, some sushi are using nori (seaweed or algae) as the cover.

2. Spider roll
This food contains of soft shell crab with some vegetables such as cucumber, lettuce and spicy mayonnaise. Why do people call it as spider roll? Seems like the combination of western style has developed the form of common sushi, not only delightful but also amazing to see.. I can say it is very beautiful for a cuisine style.

3. Seattle roll
This roll of course contains of fishy or seafood fillings. Seattle roll is a development of coastal people. Seems like sushi is very famous for periods. Seattle roll contains smoked salmon or raw, cucumber and avocado. Seems like it has a same style with American roll and also looks tasty :) .

I can't stand looking at those fusion sushi more.. hungry o~


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