Sunday, 29 May 2011

Tasks+Tests+Life Make Me Crazy!

Sometimes my friend always said that I'm bubbling through my tiredness. Well! Of course, I am not going to regret with my life, but being a student is difficult man... lols~ In the morning, I wake up at 6 then I prepare myself to school. My big bro delivers me 2 school and here I am.. At an evil school.. lol~ I enjoy my life especially with my class mates, happily I am in the right place for 1 year. But, the tests, tasks, group work and any other things that can't let me to close my eyes for a while. 

Most of my tests I pass it without any remedial is not purely my effort, (I talk truthfully). Sometimes I study until midnight, then I help my friends while the test begins, but for math, physics? I will commit a suicide to do such a test alone! Hhahaaha~ I really hate math especially numbers, sometimes I think why we should learn trigonometry and so on. In the other hand, I love languages. Hopefully I can speak in more than 3 languages well. I love art and psychology too.  Nowadays, teachers always give task such as papers, script and presentation with power point. I really hate it because it hurts my eyes while I type for more than 3 hours a day. Terrible, it seems I break my own eyes soon. I lost my rest time, and 24 hours is not enough 4 me. Well, I also do not eat regularly and sometimes miss my lunch. It is awful ya?

Agree or not, that is me.. Hahhaa~ It will spend more time that I won't write anything in this blog while my last examination faces me next week. So I hope for readers do not assume me I pass away or die in a murder case.. Hahahha~  


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