Monday, 24 October 2011

I Just Want to Share My Mistake

I just want to share my mistakes. It happens to me and of course I had better to change it. But unfortunately, it is terribly difficult. Here are my problems, when I was a child; many friends of mine always said that I am good in debate, yes Indonesian debate. When I noticed something is going to be wrong, I tackle down and even stab the knife of justice, the point the real one to attack and rebut, since I entered Senior high school, I joined English debate team, we often practice and give feedback to each of players, but I still do the same mistake. I do some redundancy, manner, time management problems, not strong arguments, forget to point out main mistake of opposite team, wrong spelling, misunderstanding, forget one of the main row of debating, calculating strategy. Many things I should change slow but sure, that is what I wish and hope. It is okay for me if I can change it properly, but after so many training, every time I try to change, I forget another mistake then I hold for another and leave another again. It is frustrating frankly speaking.
Perhaps these should be a common mistake for you or even other people, but really I have to say that this is an outstanding mistake already. It becomes my weakness and I hate it. I am trying to kill it from the roots to branches, so I keep this regret of mistakes on this blog, so that after I manage to diminish this problem, I can see and even show to everybody what my mistake that happened in the past. :D
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