Saturday, 8 October 2011

When Love Turns to Hell

Just now I was standing under thousand raindrops. I saw a little boy carried his mother’s bag. He is around 5 to 6 years old. His little legs were shaking and his reddish cheeks blushed happily. His little mother thumb was hold by his mother and sometimes he jumped towards a stone while his mother was chatting with a same age lady. But every pieces of that happiness turned to hell. The boy was falling accidentally and in sudden the open bag that was on his hand threw up. A phone was cracked down and its batteries were got into a big ditch nearby. Unconsciously, the mother slapped the boy and scolded him rapidly while her hands hanging that phone towards the boy. Everybody was staring at the mother but she did not stop bubbling. That boy cried aloud and sat on the floor. The mother then pulled his shirt and asked for his responsibility by taking the batteries. The boy seemed did not listen and still cried until his blushed cheeks turned pale. An old grandfather scolded the mother and asked the boy to stand up and cleaned the messy boy. The mother has realized and controlled his anger and hugged her son. The old grandfather than said, “a battery can’t cost your son’s life while you can buy your batteries with money, if you do it again, one day you will lose him”. After that advice, he was gone and the mother seemed to be astonished by those words and leaving those batteries under the rain.


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