Tuesday, 20 December 2011

About This Blog

Teeheee.... Welcome 
*Sitting in Japanese style and bowing gracefully to you

Yo! Hello I'm the writer of this blog. So as you can see, I write in either Indonesian or English text. So you can conclude I am Indonesian but I can type in English too.

Well, thanks a lot, it is the best regards for me that you are pleasant to come here. You can find so many things in my blog. There are about anime, experience, writer's feeling, free download books, lyric, news, recipes, stories and knowledge, etc (I write down whatever I like, so I do not specialize my blog in one topic).

Writer loves gambling, a smoker, an alcoholic and also a bouncer, LOL~ *I am joking... Well, talking about myself, I'm just a simple girl with simple hobbies. I love drawing, especially oil crayons and air brush and my drawing style sometimes turns into manga (sorry if they look ugly, you can find some in this blog too). Hang out with my friends and seek for culinary are my habits, because being together is everything for me. I also love cooking and learning by doing.

Well, my purpose to have this blog is sharing for whatever I like, hopefully for those who are from outside of Indonesia can enjoy it too besides local people.

I hope I can develop more aspects in this blog, so that it will be more various. Anyway, I love to share things especially about anime and incredible knowledge. So, never forget to comment and have some chit chat with me, I will reply ASAP.

One important thing from this blog is, please speak and type politely. I do respect others, because I believe there are only two types of person. A person who need respect and a person who need cares. Hopefully you can understand my point and with my best regards, last sentence.......

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