Friday, 30 December 2011

Writer's Life Part 1#

I am so happy nowadays, although I do not spend my holiday in December because my parents are so busy, so we will have it next month, recently we plan to visit Malaysia. Tomorrow is the last day of 2011, there are lot of things I get, bitter sweet of course. 
Sweet, hmm, I learn how to drive, I meet a lot of new friends, having a good friendship and some achievement of education then I get into SPL (Santu Petrus Linguistic) team, having lots of joyful time, new juniors, being wiser, older and more complicated of course.  I watch a lot of interesting anime and movies so that I have lots of refreshing rather than depressing time, hhaa.. I am more hard working now, and I learn lots of new things. I learn how to keep money and become treasurer, so I control my own budget and take some important responsibilities.
Bitter, my old friends left me because we are in different class, I am in social and they are in science  (I used to science class but I move because of my interest). The person who I try and start to love make me and myself stay away because of different principles and attitude. I can't stand calm in front of him, so many things I do not like from him, I just want to change my view of him, but seems it is too hard and I am nearly giving up, but yeah, he is the kindest person I have ever met, thanks a lot for him. I can't call my life is bitter only because of I do not have any boyfriend this year, hahaha~ Lols~ I left my manga class at school, because of that seems like I lost one talent, poor me.

Lives in 2011 are nice, hopefully I really wish I can have better lives next year. New Year's resolution? Hah, no laa.. I always miss it every year. Usually I really hope these wishes can be granted but at last I forget it, poor me. But of course, I am grateful with myself and my families. There are so many things worse than mine. 

If it is possible, I want to earn my own money next year, and improve my English skill better and better, I want to study hard and working a lot, so that I will be more mature and be ready with my future. 

Ganbbate, ganbbate!!
Thanks for reading this, may GBU :)
Have a nice day~


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