Wednesday, 14 December 2011

My Teen's Era

Dear readers,

It has been a long time I am blogging and have a lot of connection in world wide. Perhaps most of my followers, friends are wondering who I am.

If you ask about my childhood, I did not stay with my parents when I was a kid. My parents are hard working. So, my brother and I were taken care by my grandparents. When I was 10, I started to stay with my parents, but not the same case with my brother. Two years after that, my brother stayed with us too.
If you ask whether I am lacking of affection or not, I can say yes. I used to lack some personal problems. 

The first time I stayed with my parents, I was so rebellious; sometimes I thought why they abandoned me. Slow but sure, I knew the reason, both my parents are working of course to fulfill our necessity. So, I start to be independent every times.

Sometimes my friends’ parents said that I am so independent, I went to my primary school alone, I went to my course alone, the greatest one I proud of is I can cross the street when I was 6!! Hahaha..
I learnt to cook from my grandma, I started to fry eggs, boil a pot of water, and cook rice and even sauté meat and vegetables. Everything is so nice when I learn how to cook well.

Now, I am 16 years old. There are so many experience things I have. I got into favorite junior and senior high school, get a lot of friends everywhere, and learn how to have friendship, solving my own problems, having a complicated era and so on. The best thing is when you are being loved and learn how to love. Being loved by someone does not mean you must have girlfriend or boyfriend. Just feel the atmosphere, when you gather in a proper place with friends then you spend the day together.

If you are younger than me or in the same age, probably you will say it is important to have a mate and become a couple. Well, I can say, no matter how perfect you are, sometimes love is a poison. Sometimes it lasts sometimes it hurts instead. So, for me to feel the atmosphere is also a correct choice. Frankly speaking, I never have a boyfriend even until today, but I am not lacking of love. Teens are so complicated, once you say you are in love, even in the same day, you can turn into hatred.

I have witnessed so much tragic incident of my friends, from the first time they say they are in love everlasting, the next day it turns to hell, you know what I mean. But, it does not mean there is no good mate ever. THERE IS! But sometimes you will give up even you have tried the best. Or this one, you love somebody, and that guy also loves you, the worst part is each of them always think that he/she does not get interested in you. Aissh,, terrible. Actually, honesty is really important, but no matter how honest you are, sometimes a sense of pride in oneself or I may call it as dignity always becomes a big border. When you want to say the truth, your dignity will say I cannot, because it is just a shame of my life. It is too complicated……  

Friendship is also a nice part of teens, sometimes we share, and sometimes we are afraid of the same things. On the other hand, it is also a time you hand over new complicated responsibilities. I have at least one best friend for each year, so I have a lot of best friends now. It is great to share your idea with somebody not only with your parents.

I do love my teenager era. I hope I can spend it nicely. Teeheee…. I get so many experiences also; I get into musical club, chinese club, now I am in english club, sometimes become an orator, sometimes become a debater, and sometimes become a senior to accompany my juniors. Having larger connection by joining a lot of competition, learn how to win, and lose. This is me…

Now, and always will be……………..

Learning is important for me, I learn to know someone, I learn how to reach my target, I learn how people judge me, I learn, learn and learn. This is the era where I learn a lot.

No matter how painful and incapable you are, teenagers’ days should be fun and exciting, never miss it!


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