Wednesday, 14 December 2011

What Is The 3 Best Comfortabale Moment for You?

 For me, when I watch a movie with a glass of hot chocolate. It has its own sensation. Homey hot chocolate with its dazzling soft color always brings relaxing feeling for me. Especially when it is raining, feeling the best warmness and sweetest sensation ever and watching your favorite movies, heavenly comfortable :)

Sleeping on soft pillow with your best teddy ever and covered by most favorite gentle blanket. I love it totally the most \(>_<)/
I love to sleep even I often sleep late (b'coz too many tasks and duty, can't sleep earlier), but I do believe most people love this moment. 

Gathering with families, having homey supper, everybody wishes to have it yea? Our family have a routine dinner together, so my grandma and mother prepare the main dishes while we the teens and kids are preparing dessert. Having this relaxing and nice time make me feel my life ever.

Enjoy your lives :)


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