Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked

 Yesterday my friends and I watch “Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked” movie. It was nice and quiet entertaining. First, actually we want to watch “Don’t be Afraid of The Dark”, but one of my friends has watched it, so we decided to watch Chipmunks.


I thought it should be a child’s amusing movie, but it is really entertaining. It’s about a vacation for Dave (the owner of Chipmunks and Chipettes), Chipmunks and Chipettes. Come back for Alvin and friends with stubborn manner and mess around.

Problems pop up when Alvin rebels that he is actually mature enough to handle everything includes go to casino and have a dinner with the cruise captain. But Dave said that he isn’t. After that Simon negotiates with Dave that Alvin needs his affection more than he thought. Dave realizes and thinks it is true so that he gives a small responsibility for Alvin to watch what TV program that he likes.

When Dave decides to tell Alvin, Theodore (the cute chipmunk and my favorite) gives Dave a necklace, a really colorful one so that it fits to every suite and I can say it is ridiculous. Forcibly, Dave wears it and gives Alvin the TV remote and said about his rights of responsibility and leave soon.

Alvin argues with Simon that the freedom behind choosing any kind of TV programs means he could go everywhere where he likes. So he changes his clothes to a formal suite and goes to the casino while Simon tries to stop him. The girls (Chipettes) feel that it is not fair for Alvin only so that they make gowns from gifts wrapper and head to disco and leave Theodore watches horror film.

Elanor and Theodore

Of course, everything is in a mess. The problems are getting worst when the captain knows that the chipmunks cause a lot of trouble. The next day, Dave supervises all the chipmunk’s activity and they may not go to adult’s area and so on. Unfortunately, Dave is asleep and Alvin takes that opportunity to play kite. The first climax begins, Alvin is trapped in the kite and other Chipmunks hold the rope and are being trapped on the sky also. Dave who is astonished at that time hurries to get a parasailing to catch the chipmunks. Accidentally, Ian comes and struggling with Dave in parasailing and they fall to the sea.

Chipmunks and Chipettes are lost in an island which has an active volcano inside. The story starts from here, where Alvin and friends lost their belief that Dave will come and find them. They start to survive, hunt for food and meet a survivor named Zoe who has a social problem.

Well, of course this story will not be so exciting if I tell you all. Just try to watch it and give 8.5 ratings from 10. There are lots of music, dance and climax here, so it is good for refreshing and mixes with comedies.  


My Bad Experience :

Talking about this movie, I have gotten a bad experience, when my friends and I watch this movie; most of the spectators are kids. There is a 5 years old kid was over exciting watching chipmunks and jump behind me. It’s OK for me, but he messed my hair and screamed aloud. Poor me… Lols~



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