Sunday, 5 February 2012

Inu X Boku SS

Most of winter anime are great and fascinating! Inu X Boku SS (The Dog and I Secret Service), it has been released since 13 of January 2012. 
Hopefully, I recommend you to watch if you like supernatural anime.

Episode count: 12
Summary: Living in a rich and luxurious, Ririchiyo wants to improve herself and leave home. She arrived in the Maison de Ayakashi which is rumored as a haunted mansion. But the fact, it is the place with people who has supernatural blood gather includes Ririchiyo. The first day she arrives, a man, Miketsukami Soushi (actually a fox spirit) who declares himself as a secret service, he promises to protect her for entire of his life for Ririchiyo. Ririchiyo refuses and the man asks her to kill him either. Ririchiyo refuses and ask him to be his service agent as long as he likes.

Supernatural, romance

My first impression:
From my first sight, I really like Soushi, he is... he is.. he is.. Hikz.. Innocent!!! He has got 2 colors of pupil, yellow and green. He will protect Ririchiyo until the entire of his life. He has got a blonde hair, tall body and nice gloves. Hahaha~ But Ririchiyo is very egoist, I do not really like her, she is selfish and sometimes unstable in emotion. But, that is why this story flows so amazing..


The story flows so nice since beginning, it emphasizes more in romance. In the fourth episode, Ririchiyo argues with Shoushi and make Shoushi upset, but at last they get closer. I really want to watch until the last, hopefully you will like it.

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