Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Writer's Life Part 5: It's All About Pudding!

I want to cry aloud... :(

Yesterday my family and I had a feast, it was for the closing of Chinese New Year. Mom and grandma cooked a lot of food, so that I thought how cruel I was that I did not do anything for that special day. 
Passionate strawberry Pudding, made by: me of course
I was looking in the fridge, there are 2 boxes of strawberries, chocolate, milk and sea weed. It is a coincidence to buy strawberries, because it is really fresh when we buy, so it was in fridge at that time.
First, I thought I am going to juice it with milk so that it will be blended and easy to drink. But it was a supper, a feast, of course it should be a bad idea to drink strawberry milkshake. So, I decided to cook strawberry pudding. 

I was alone at that time, I dunno why I was so happy at that time, so I cook happily and with love cherishing. The reason I was happy is I was chatting with somebody the previous day, and it was a nice day. So, I woke up in the morning freshly, happily, peacefully.

I did it carefully, patiently, hopefully and tried to be perfect as well. I made it less sugar because my grandma doesn't like sweet things. I put strawberries carefully, cooked the chocolate slowly. So that I spent it for 2 hours. I made the strawberry jam, strawberry juice and mashed strawberry. EVERYTHING is perfect!

So taraaa! The pudding with three layers, chocolate, strawberry milk and mashed strawberry with strawberry sauce as topping. I put in the fridge for 15 minutes, when I cut it, it was a fail because it was not freezing all yet.
So wait for 2 hours more....

When I cut it, it is nice, beautiful, perfect!

I asked my family to eat, first spoon is for my daddy, daddy did not give me any comment, but he kept eating, I thought it was bad. But  my bro shouted aloud, "hey! high class taste, low class price!". I was surprised and tried a bit. OMG, it was heavenly delicious!

My grandma said this pudding is the best she ever eaten. Sweet, sour and soft. My mom said I can open a pudding shop, hahahaha~

I am so happy even until today, I won't ever forget this!!

What I am afraid of now is I can't cook happily anymore.

Sadly, I really hope I can cook it once more time.


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