Wednesday, 11 April 2012

SSIDC 2012 (Let Me Recall This)

4 days of torturing, 24 hours no tightly sleeping, 1o hours losing appetite, 10080 seconds of critical heart beating. Wew, what to say??  SSIDC (Sarawak Swimburne Interschool Debate Competition), this was my debut, having a competition outside of Indonesia, far from my hometown, and hanging out with my coach, friends and my lovely juniors.
Considering about this competition, I was really hopeless, the first thing came up in my mind was we lost in the first game. I was so nervous, every second my fingers turned into ice, I forced my appetite to eat my breakfast, but I could not manage it. I could not sleep, I read books every night but nothing got into my mind.

In the first day, my alarm did not ring in the morning, everybody was asleep. Our coach thought all girls had prepared, good that he aware that we locked the door, meaning we had not woken up! And unfortunately we woke up at 6.05 am. We ate fast food and hurried to SWINBURNE, ouww my, it was a bad sign even since beginning. I am not a pesimistic type girl, but for this time, I was panic.
When the committee called for a debate simulation, the first person who attracted my fears was Abel Law, a Batu Lintang student. He speaks well, nice critical and confidence. Wew~ I dropped my confidence, became pesimistic level 1.
We passed round zero, if I am not mistaken, we faced Sibu school, they are pretty good. Well, it was a warming time only, we could not be proud of that. Then we climbed up to the round 1, hello? I even forgot who was our opponent, ouw my~ My bad habit comes, losing memory syndrome. wqwqwq~ But the it was consisted of all girls. They are fluent, well-prepared and friendly. Gratefully we won.
The funniest game was vs Batu Lintang School, I thought they are attack machine with serious face, elegant style, British accent style and calm. But......... THEY ARE CRAZY!!! It was just like playing Phoenix Wright!!! It was so comfy, relax and exciting. They were not so serious, true that we attacked each other but we made it into fun. Not to mentioned, Abel and Gerry even mocked each other by wrapping pieces of paper and threw it to opponents side. I saw the adjudicator with his curious face, seems like he was wondering what was written inside. Lols~ I was not nervous, and that was the first time my friend said I was smiling in the game. WOAAGHHH!!!??!!!!

They are really good, understandable, humorous and the motion flew to the right way. The result, we won. I felt a bit sorry to them, I thought that we lost from the frist hand. Lols~ It was their first lost, and gratefully we had not losing point. Then we supported each other to meet in final or at least in top 20.
Second best moment was facing national lodge E, our topic was about controversial books. I loved that debate because I was over confident. When I was confident, I could do well. I tried to boost up my effort, so that I could perform well. Our opponent is nice, especially the left side boy with glasses, I like his glasses color,it's polar white! My favorite color C: Lols~ And in the middle, a boy with spiky hair, if I am not mistaken the color was a bit reddish, it is so unique so that I stared at his hair over the debate. I even almost forgot to write my rebuttals. OMG!

Go back to our climbing, the scariest team we faced was International Lodge, damn,,, my hands were shaking when I delivered my speech. It was a CLOOSE debate. They are winners for 4 years in a row. I thought our fate stopped just until there. Gratefully, again and again, God really loves us. We won and meaning we went to final.
In the final, I was very confident, I did not know why, but I just felt that there were a lot of support from many people for us. Everybody is our friends so I did not become panic or nervous. It was a close debate, SMK Kuching High got 5 votes from adjudicators and ours was 6 votes.
HuiMei is great as 3rd speaker from the opponent, and so did the 2nd speaker. It was a nice debate, I loved it so much. The last motion was about Syria and  intervention something. It really was damn difficult.
Let me emphasized this!!!

"I did not care with the result, what I did was doing for the best in the final. 1st is a gift, 2nd is a payment. Smaller number means gifted form God, it means we have done the best, while second means our payment for every effort we put."

Thankfully, we got the first rank. This is a gift from God, and we will never be like this without other people supports, my greatest coach ever, our new friends in Kuching (special thanks to SMK Vocational Kuching and Batu Lintang school), professional SWINBURNE committee and adjudicators, my beloved parents,  and many more. 

Thanks a lot everybody, I won't forget this. Hopefully we can come back. U know la~ We will have a national exam in the same time, but again, whenever we can, we will come to join.
Well, SSIDC was not that torturing, I was joking >_<)
Don't take it too serious~



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