Friday, 20 April 2012

Luck and Helmet

Today, my lesson ended up at 1 pm. My friend, Ciput and I went to school to have our meeting (What kind of meeting? It is a secret!). We went upstairs and we could not find anybody. We went straightly to the office and found our coach. 

Actually we were waiting for two boys, they had a match today, but they could not make it so that we decided to have our lunch together. Well, the problem is, I did not bring my helmet. You know~ police is everywhere, every time. "It's OK, we go to nearest place", said my coach.

I thought that it's fine, as long as we did not go to somewhere so far away, police would not notice it. So we went to Gerry's house and picked him up. Gerry also did not have another helmet, and I guessed it's OK man. 
But when Ciput and I started to go, Gerry gave me his helmet (He becomes a gentleman for a day) lols~

On the street, our coach decided to go to a chicken rice restaurant which is located quite far away. It was so crowded and only 1 thing I worry about. Gerry's hair. He has just washed his hair, and it would be dusty, dirty again without helmet. Aisssshh.. But again, there would be one more thing I worried the most. POLICE.

When we went back, exactly, we met one policeman in the street, we hided beside a car and rushed straightly. One more thing, we met another police. Our destiny is that we went straight, but we turned left forcibly to another street, frankly speaking an unknown street. It is not familiar for me and as well as Ciput. 
We turned right and followed our coach's direction. Good that we passed small street and managed to go back to right path. There would be 4 more spots where there would be police post there. 1st is near the university, 2nd in our way back, 3rd exactly near the traffic lamp, and one more near to my house. 
I really worried of everything, I even calculated which path we should go and which one we may not passed. 1st post, there was no police as well as 2nd and 3rd. But, the one near my house is a quite routine one. We spent almost 40 minutes for the trip and the last post was quite frightening. 
It was 4pm and it is the right time for the 4th post to finish their duty, it happened several times already while I passed they worked, penalized those who doesn't provide the attributes for their bikes and cars and for those who doesn't wear helmet and have license. 
When we were near to that post, glad to see that the post does not operate today. Oh my! It is a luck for us.
Apparently, we went home safe and sound~ HOOORRAAY~
Thanks God, thanks Ciput and not to mentioned thanks POLICE :D 

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