Sunday, 15 April 2012


I have just realized something..
This month I really got a stressful day
It was a busy time nowadays even I don't have my leisure time

Today is a real nightmare. 
I just went back to kitchen, the place where I used to spend my leisure time.
I like cooking, experimenting on fantastic food and dishes, especially dessert.
This day, I took a can of nuts, hoping to mix it with some caramel so that it doesn't taste plain

I took a frying pan and wooden spatula.
I pour 3 tsp of sugar in the frying pan and waited until it heated and melted.
I knew there should be something I forgot about but I could not recall it.
The sugar melted and turned to black powder, it was so quick and unpredictable!
 You can guess what happen, but there is more tragedy after this.

Looking at the frying pan I took my nuts and open d jar.
I poured my nuts around two times in reflex.
As the result I was in panic looking at the grilled nuts.
Damn! I have just realized one stupid thing...

There was a glass of water beside the stove.
Why should I sacrifice my beloved nuts while I have water?
Why didn't I pour it when the sugar melt?
Stupid me.. One principle of caramel is that pour a bit water on melted sugar
So that it won't be over-heated..........

I learn something.........
When I learn something, I lost something
I learn a lot things in school and I leave my cooking habit
Now, the child's play turns to intermediate 


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