Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Zetsuen no Tempest (The Civilization Blaster)

At last, I can find a good anime on this boring holiday~

One of my friend recommended this anime, thx for him :D *I can kill all this boredom. So actually this anime is pretty close with Guilty Crown (if u ever watched it, I think it is good). Action, romance and comedy. This one is certainly good for teens and those who love adventure storyline. Some of the conversation inside of this anime is adapted to Hamlet and The Tempest by Shakespeare.
Kusaribe, Yoshino, Mahiro, Aika
Episode count: 24
Once on this earth, there are two trees, one of them called as Tree of living, tree of Genesis, and other is tree of Exodus. Both tree allow human to have magic, but only for certain clans. One day, the clan of Genesis, Kusaribe clan reveals the true nature of Genesis which actually able to reset the entire world to represent the peace, as the result our earth will be on a big damage, suffering on disaster and only several people will survive. The purpose of tree of Exodus is preventing the resurrection of Genesis tree and bringing it to sleep. But the strongest mage of Genesis does not believe this story and actually is also tied and controlled by the fate to resurrect the Genesis tree. As the result, the company which support the true identity of Genesis tree trap the mage somewhere and running for the plan to resurrect the Exodus tree to save the world by searching the mage of Exodus. 

On the other hand, the strongest mage, Hakaze meets a young boy named Mahiro by having a long distance telepathy in wooden doll which is soaked on the coast. In exchange of Mahiro's help, Hakaze offers him to reveal who is the murderer of her dearest sister, Fuwa Aika. In the middle of the adventure to stop Kusaribe's clan to resurrect the Exodus tree, Mahiro meets his best friend Yoshino, a survival, in a destroyed city who everybody has turned to be metal as the result of the reaction of the awakening both trees. Yoshino, who actually the one who is dating Fuwa Aika behind Mahiro decides to help Mahiro so he can find out who is the murderer of her girlfriend. But unfortunately, when they are in the middle of the mission to help the world they find out there is a relation between why Fuwa Aika was dead and why the world is in danger.      

Well, this is a hillarious anime!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Trust me, this is awesome and it is unpredictable story line. I hate to say this even Fuwa Aika at last was still dead, but I really like her personalities and she is beautiful. The action is also amazing and both character, even both Yoshino and Mahiro are boys, the story is still enjoyable. Mahiro is so handsome, wild and strong, I also like Yoshino, he is genius and calm. What to say?? I love this anime!

One of the best quote in this anime is............
"The beginning is the end, and the end is the beginning"

Have a nice day!!
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