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10 Search It! Famous Japanese Food

I like some of Japanese food, there are two famous Japanese restaurants in my town. My favorite is chawanmushi and tempura. Though they are simple home made food, they can be served in elegant way and has high-class taste. 

So here are 10 famous Japanese food, check it out!
(Do not ever let your saliva flows over your computer, OK? hehehe..)

1. Sushi

Sushi is really famous, it is a rice dish which contains sushi rice, cooked rice that is prepared with sushi vinegar and filling (such as salmon, reddish and so on which called as neta).

2. Ramen

Actually, ramen is a Chinese style noodle in a soup and various topping, sometimes there are eggs, nori (seaweed), vegetables, seafood, ,meat and mushroom. Talking about ramen, it reminds me with Naruto's  ramen, it looks delicious and nice when it is hot. Sllrrrupp~

3. Shabu-shabu 
Shabu-shabu is Japanese style fondue. It is just like soup, but you put your own meat and vegetables into the pot and wait it until well cooked and HAAAAAP!! Of course you eat it by yourself. Sometimes there are meat, fish (nori), mushroom, carrots, peas, crab stick and tofu. You can also dipped it into bowl and into ponzu vinegar or sesame sauce before being eaten.

4. Soba 

Soba is type of noddle and made of buckwheat flour. Soba can be served hot and cold. Soba is also as thick as spaghetti, perhaps the taste is same but different sauce between oriental and western?


Tempura is well known as prawn, but actually every vegetable, mushroom and seafood with Tempura batter should be called as Tempura itself. Tempura was introduced to Japan by Portuguese in the 16th century. So we can say actually Tempura is fusion but become original and most famous food of Japanese internationally.  

6. Tonkatsu

Tonkatsu is deep fried pork cutlets. Sometimes it is served with rice so it is called as katsudon, or if it is served with curry rice, it is called as katsu kare. Tonaktsu also served with shredded cabbage. 

7. Oden 

Oden is Anabe dish (meaning a dish which is served in a hot pot). There are fish cakes, daikon, boiled egg, konyaku, tofu and seaweed. Sometimes there are meat too. 

8. Gyoza

Gyoza is dumpling which is filled with minced vegetables and meat. Sometimes it is fried or steamed. Gyoza is introduced to Japan from China. It reminded me with chaikue which is oriental dumpling in my town. 

 9. Chawanmushi

Chawanmushi is egg custard. I always called it as hot pudding. It is soft and savory. It has pieces of chicken meat and crab stick, shrimp and ginko nut mixed inside. I LOVE IT! This food is one of my favorite food, usually I have it in nearest Japanese restaurant in my town.

10. Sashimi

Sashimi is raw seafood. A large number of fish can be enjoyed raw if they are fresh and prepared correctly. Most types of sashimi are enjoyed with soya sauce and wasabi (kind of Japanese pepper with green color or may be chilli, you should grate it before eating them in sauce form). 

Owww, my.. I am getting hungry....
Eiitssss.. Never let your slaver flows endlessly, OK? Wanna have a try? Find it out to the nearest Japanese restaurants.

JaNe :)

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