Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Fears of Love

I am afraid of telling my love
Because someday you won’t say the same
My love is a truth but it’s just like a lie
My love is a thousand more than yours
But my words less than one to mention it

I am embarrassed of telling my love
Because someday you will take a pity of me
My love is perfect but now it is blind
My love is a pure but I pour the ink into it
At last I suffer in a severe bleeding love pain

I indulge in my fantasy living in a life
Where you love and understand so do I
Where you reply my love with honesty
Where you do take me seriously and no fear
Where I sing praises of you lovely
And I wish no further happiness

Until I notice it is not a reality
So the tears shed rapidly in sadness
I do try to be aware I am not the right person for you
I do try to be perfect so that at least you like me
I change my nature, my standings, and my achievement
It’s all my own way until I hate myself with all this shameless

Although just being by your sides I feel happy
I really wish for one day,
One day I gain my courage, you give me a chance
One day you smile on my eyes and I am not afraid
One day I can stand up and without caring much
I will shout aloud and say I love you



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