Friday, 25 May 2012

Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

Dear readers,
It has been a long time I don't share you anime stuff. Well, nowadays I watch Tasogare Otome x Amnesia anime, I don't recommend you to watch this if you do not like comedy and horror or ecchi anime. I don't really enjoy it, but I still keep watching it because start from episode 07 it is getting interesting.

Genre: Horror, ecchi, romance, comedy
Episode count: 12
The story begins with a boy named Niiya. Niiya is interested in investigating about the legend of the school and horror things around him. One day, he found out a gateway, an old room in the old school building. Inside of it, there is a mirror and it is where a legendary ghost, Yuuko is trapped. Soon, Yuuko is a lonely ghost, a beautiful maiden ghost with long hair, slender body and happy face, nobody ever visited her before, and Yuuko gets interested in Niiya and follows him everywhere. Niiya believes that every ghost can be released so does Yuuko if she can remember how she died. The main problem is Yuuko doesn't remember anything about how she died before. Niiya find out Yuuko's corpse was laid in the downstairs of old building and thre was a sacred rune. So what is behind the secret of Yuuko's death? Why there was only Yuuko's corpse in the downstairs? What happend to Yuuko at that time? Why Yuuko-san cannot remember anything? What's wrong with the school and the legend about Yuuko who is known as wicked and killer ghost? That is the answer which wants to be solved by Niiya.
My first impression, well I thought this one will be a super horror, but the comedy is dominating the story. The problem is Yuuko-san is too bitchy. Lols~ Sometimes there is a scene where she changes her clothes, or even touching Niiya in not a proper way (although she is not fully naked, but yeah it's mature stuff, so if you are below 16 don't watch it). 
The plot is good and the background of the story is old theme. The character is not many, you can count it by your fingers and I think the ending will be shocking.
Well, by reading this, I hope you can get some description about it.

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