Wednesday, 26 September 2012

If I Were a Boy?

Do you ever think to be another gender besides of yours? Well, I am not such a person who ever think that way, (at least I am pretty grateful how I grow normally until today) but come on, today is really out of my mind. Now, I am in senior high school and I get into social class, most of my class mates are girls and around 14 are boys. We are 38, and you can imagine how unstable it is. Frankly speaking, I never doubt about this situation, but today at my class we were chatting about who is the most attractive boys in my class. You know, it is common for girls to talk about this but because I did not involve in since the beginning, I did not listen much what the topic is. 

It happens when one of my friend Martha asked ***** whom she likes and she said none of them is her type. Every girl is booing on her and asked for another name so she may choose one by one. But again she nodded and said nobody. All girls turned wilder, they forced her to say at least one name, and I still remember how my class is so crowded of girls’ voice at that time. Good, and she replied, if I were a boy, she will like me in certain. Everybody was in silenced, and stared at me. I was purely innocent, I did not know anything so I stared them back and questioning what is wrong. 

They asked me to come closer and my friend who admitted her claim was blushing. I thought it was pretty normal so I asked back, hey buddy, what is so amazing from me? I do not feel like having good attitude. Then she replies, “You know, boys are totally hyperactive here, and you are the person who is calm at class but when you speak on public, it amazes me.” Then I pointed out one’s boy who has the same personalities as mine and asked why not she liked him, and then she replied, “You know, he has gotten a girlfriend already, if you were a boy, things would be different”. Her claim is not astonishing for me but what she did is out of my mind, she ran and holds on the window and smiled alone. You can predict how my friends’ reaction…………. I do not want to remember that anymore. 

 It seemed like she was enjoying her happiness by saying that; but again, I did not mean to say it was creepy okay? I cannot describe it but again, let me emphasize this, I AM NORMAL, buddy! And thanks for the compliments by saying I am pretty calm but amazing on public. Lols~

How I know my friends are talking about boys at that time? Of course I asked for the chronological event, so I can share this story for you C:

No matter how creepy this world is, there is always good things behind it C:


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