Saturday, 27 October 2012

Kaichō wa Maid-sama!

Nowadays, I am sooo busy, so that I watch less anime and study pretty a lot. Well, I do not like my own style if I only become a nerd, so of course I am hunting anime to be watched. Nowadays I watch Kaichou wa maid-sama! I am not impressed by this anime because I have been impressed by its manga before. Even when you read the first volume, you will be falling in love with the story line.
Misaki & Usui

The anime is similar to the manga, but of course the characters turn so real and amazing here. Well, I read the manga around 3 years ago. This is totally A GOOD ROMANCE! It is totally worthy to watched!

Episode count: 26 + 1 side story

Genre: Romance, comedy

Even a boy likes him, hha~
Plot: The sotry comes up with a girl named Misaki who comes from a middle low class family. Her father left his family and Misa must struggle with her school life. Misa studies in Seika High School which are used to be boys school. There are only some girls and it is a terrifying school. In her aim to protect the girls in Seika, Misaki studied hard and approach the teachers and at last she becomes the President of the school. All boys notified her as a demon president but girls notify her as their heroine, smart and athletic girl. Because of her economical problem, she works as a maid waitress on the neighbor city so nobody will know. But one day, Usui Takumi, one of boys in Seika High School noticed that the President work on Maid Latte and laughs on her. Unfortunately, Usui existent threatens Misa’s popularity and hard-earned reputation as a President, however Usui does not tell anybody about her secret and takes an interest on Misa after discovering her real identity.

Frankly speaking, I really love Usui. He is smart, impassive, handsome, and cute. You know, I learn a lot from this anime. Sometimes the one who we ignored the most is the one who endures and loves us deeply. In this story, Misa really hates Usui no matter how she describes Usui as a pervert alien or weird guy and so on. But Usui never closes his eyes form Misa and even ever sacrifices his life to jump from a second building to catch a maid photo of Misaki and gets into hospital.

This is totally a good and touchy anime! For me 27 episodes are not enough!!!!! The ending is not really satisfying so I really hope for second season. Sometimes Usui is too kind to help Misaki and that is why I really want to kill Misaki because of ignoring Usui, rawr~

The settings take in a modern Japanese city; sometimes you can feel western and traditional Japanese style here.


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