Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Hataraku Maou-sama

2013 Spring anime is really really fascinating. One of my favorite is Hataraku Maou-sama (The Devil Is A Part Timer!). Well, it's unpredictable and humorous. Well, I could say you may compare it to other comedy but still there is action genre. So, here we go with some of the review.

Episode count: 13
Genre: Comedy, action, romance, fantasy 
Real form of Satan
Once, in another world called Ente Isla, there is demons and humans along the world. In the center of Ente Isla is the core of demons area while around side of it is human area. One day, the devil leader, Satan Jacob declares a war among humanity and send his fellow to overcome and rule the entire of Ente Isla. But on the other hand, born a half angel and human to become a knight, a hero of humanity to destroy all the devils. One day, the hero manages to corner Satan and friends in his castle, the hero even manages to cut Satan's horn, on the last second of his death, Satan manages to escape by summoning a teleport gate to another world which is modern life of Japan. Confusingly, satan uses his last power to trick people so he and his last fellow, Alciel manage to get identity card, understand Japanese language, get a small apartment (should I call it apartment? May be a small room which is rented for 2, something like that lols). 

Alciel, Satan, Emillia, Chiho
Having his life in Japan  makes him makes up his mind about ruling the world, and he starts to work as a part timer in MgRonald franchise as a cashier with a human Chiho Sasaki. Unconsciously, Satan does not know that Chiho likes him, Satan who turns to be Sadao Mao (fake identity) lost his desire to conquer the world but having his target to fulfill his life in Japan and conquer his work as part timer to be the owner of Mg.Ronald. On the other hand, the hero, Emillia Justia comes to the Japan modern life to by following Satan and Alciel's last portal to kill Satan. But after meeting the new Satan, the way he stops thinking about conquering the world, and how he is being loved by Chiho, a human, first of all Emillia was pissed of by Satan's manner, because he has killed Emillia's father and homeland, but as the time passed by, what Emillia sees from Satan, Satan even saves a lot of people and she decides to supervise Satan for her entire life in Japan. On the other hand, fishy things happen in Ente Isla, the way Emillia cooperate with the church to kill Satan, there is a secret behind of it, why the devil wants to conquer humanity from the first place and who is wrong from the first place. Another thing, as Emillia always supervise the dark lord Satan, unconsciously Emillia also starts to love Satan by witnessing his kind heart to humanity.

Well, this anime is so much fun, touchy and for me fantastic. The way it solves the problem and the characters are just so perfect. I love this anime, and the stupidity inside of newcomers in modern country of Japan. Great rating, great plot, I have nice watch in this holiday, so grateful~

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