Monday, 17 June 2013

Special Edition 1

Hello readers~
Psssst!! This is special edition of me as the main protagonist of this blog, tehehehe..
I love you guys, those who always stay tune with my blog, and no matter what happens or how often I write and publish my posts, thanks for waiting and thanks for everything.

So, here in this edition, I am giving you guys about myself, what I like and what I dislike, well trust me, I tell you honest things lols~ *I hope these can help you to describe who is the real me. Thanks again for your dearest support, and sorry if I have mistakes.

Like        : any fruity and sweet food, meatball, I love soup, Asian food and pizza
Dislike   : (Hardly to say, but I love all food as long as it is hygiene and well done cooked)
Like        : Any kind of juice, fruity mock tail, tea
Dislike   : Alcohol and carbonate drink
Like        : Cakes, chocolate, ice cream, berries yoghurt, cookies, nori and potato chips
Dislike   : Plain crackers
Like        : Lotus, water lilies, white roses, daisies
Dislike   : Euphorbia (I dislike flowers with thorns)
Like        : chick peas, spinach
Dislike   : bitter sprout (Hell ya! I won’t ever eat it)
Like        : Beach, mountain, forest, garden, school, cozy restaurant, my own bed room!
Dislike   : Dirty and untidy place exactly
Like        : Beat, pop, anything~
Dislike   : Metal
Like        : Romance, science fiction, action, comedy, and slice of life
Dislike   : Meccha à robotic movies
Like        : Panda, bear, puppy, white tiger, giraffe and hippopotamus
Dislike   : Spider
Countries of dream
Like        : Thailand, all around of Indonesia, Japan, and Italia
Dislike   : (Since I like travelling, none of the place I dislike)
Like        : Pink, soft blue, brown, green
Dislike   : Dark cyan
Like        : Cooking, painting, swimming, watching anime, drawing
Dislike   : Wasting your life and regretting of your past
Like        : Novel, manga
Dislike   : horror book (it is qinda scary keeping such thing at home, isn’t it?)
Like        : Jasmine, lavender
Dislike   : roses and cumin (They are too stinky)


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