Wednesday, 28 August 2013

My OSGAB, OSJUR in UNPAR 2013: Can't Say More Than Wow!

Yo readers~

As I promise to you guys, I will tell you about my university life. Well, truthfully, from the bottom of my heart, it's a HILARIOUS university! 13th of August is our first OSGAB (Ospek Gabungan), it's a kind of activity which lead us to gather with all 2013 college student from all faculties. I was in spot B7, I met lots of new friends, one is from architecture, other is from philosophy, another one is from accounting and many more. Each students have funny and different personalities. Here, we gathered for 3 days, ate our lunch together, played games and did some tasks, everything is about togetherness.  We would be introduced with the seniors, president, and all the structure of the university organization.

On the last day of three days, we were separated into our domain faculty, it's upsetting, those 3 days are so meaningful for me. Well, you are introduced to people around Indonesia, purely anonymous, and you get how to cooperate in 3 days, it's just so exciting. When you are separated already, here come our OSJUR (Ospek Jurusan), whatever your faculties are, you will meet the same vision, goal and purpose. Besides that, we would be gathered in a new team again, and I was in team 9. I made friends from Bandung, Cimahi, Jakarta, Medan, even Flores and Manado. Lots of diversity but same goal, to struggle and to achieve graduation. 

OSJUR is kind of scarry (lols~ I am joking). Nope, I mean challenging. Here, on the first day, we are given so much task, and the theme is BEE LAW. The philosophy is good, bee (animal, an insect which could not live alone, they always need others no matter how) and LAW stands for Learning, Adapting and Worthy. Besides that, we would be supervised by seniors who we called as "Papoy" and "Mamoy" (just like imitate parents, lols). We learn some yell and then pass code, games, having lunch together, created costume, did lots of task, asking for signature of 5 years above of seniors and more. 

Here is our bee costume
OSJUR friends
 In UNPAR we always learn how to respect, how to care and help each other. When we gathered lots of signature, we make friends with seniors, even singing together and playing games. Well, if you are planning for law faculty or civil engineering, there is a surprise waiting ahead. Tehehehehe (Pssstt~ It'sS-E-C-R-E-T).

Well, somehow and overall, I am so satisfied with this university, it's alive (each faculty has own spot and no border among every faculties), friendly (eco friendy and friendly society), breezy (there is a popular breezy tunnel), smokey (in some spot especially law faculty lols), exciting (nice environment, classes, teachers, friends), challenging (lots of tasks everyday, strict rules included clothes and behavior), respectful (everyone should be respected included gardener, cleaner, securities), difficult (in getting scores and graduate) and diversity (lots of people around Indonesia, even from the place you never heard before). 


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