Monday, 25 July 2011

Search It! 5 Interesting Types of Girls

Welcome 2 new topic of Search It! Well, 2day let's start with "10 Interesting Types of Girls", : D Let's start!

1. Girly
Well, girly girls are really impressive from the first sight, aren't they? Sometimes they really look cute or even lovely \(>_<)/
(+) Usually friendly, fresh, loves jokes and poems
(- ) Sometimes they are spoiling for so much things, sensitive, difficult 2 be calm

2. Smart
This type of girls look great from the first sight, usually talk in formal way or even elegantly, they way they show up are really surprising (^_^)
(+) Of course they are smart, trust able, attractive, they love flowers and chocolate
(- ) Well, arrogant, cocky, selfish also

3. Hot
Well, actually I do not want to write this one, but that is the fact.. This one is favorite for boys also.. Of course they look beautiful in different way (o_o)"
(+) Most of them are mature, good looking (of course), really loves special moment
( -) aggressive, sometimes really annoying

4. Easy-going

Easy going girls are really interesting at all, but rather than thinking about their relationship, usually they prefer friendship to be number one (0_*)''
(+) Mostly full energetic, easy going of course, impressive, they love surprising gifts
( -) Can't be controlled, over excited, untidy

5. Simple
Simple but sure prove many things look better, of course girls also have such type.. (^~^)/
(+) efficient in money problems, mostly polite, simple
( -) inconsistent in some problems, bad tempered, jealousy

P.s :  2 have a bit view, and u can describe with the type of girl, I use some of characters in Suikoden II that at least have the same type and appearance >_<


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