Saturday, 30 July 2011

Gifts For Boys? No Idea What I Should Buy

Hi readers, new topic released :D
Well, sometimes many girls are confused what things they should buy for boys, especially best friend or even closest person. I used to be confused also. If we talk gifts for girls, it is quite easy; we can buy big teddy bear, photos frame, or even unique things and so on. But for boys, it is complicated, what things you should choose and buy are blurring at all. Here are some tips and choice for you:

Elegant choice:
1.       1.Watch
Boys look great when they have watch, they will look more professional and I can say elegant. Watch is the best choice because watch has more benefits than other gifts. At least it will be more surprising also. About price, of course it is expensive at all. You can share it to other friends and buy it together, it is fair enough.
2.       Wallet
Wallet is also a good choice. Sometimes boys are annoying when they do not put their money in the proper place. Wallet is the solution, isn’t it? You can choose skin wallet, or sporty one. For me it is quite relative for the price for the common one, and if it is too expensive, again and again you can share it to your friends to buy it.
3.       Ballpoint
Of course you are not going to give him a cheap ballpoint for elegancy, this one is the professional and sparkling oneJ. There are so many branded ballpoints you can find, although most of them cost not logically for just a pen with its ink, terribly this one which many businessmen buy for their friends. Of course you will understand elegant things cost as high as the sky. Hahaha~

Normal choice:
1.      1. Alarm clock

Hieeegh, boys oh boys, sometimes I meet so many boys that wake up late. They need what you know then, alarm clock as well. This gift also have a good benefit and at least it helps your friend to wake up early and every morning it reminds you who give it. Hahhaha~ the price is quite normal and common for students’ pocket money.

2.       Sporty Shoes
If he loves sport, of course sporty shoes are good. Well, my friends ever gave somebody a pair of sporty shoes and of course the reaction was great. This gift sometimes is surprising, I even can’t predict if somebody will give me sporty shoes. The price is quite far from pocket money for the good material one, but of course you can share to buy it also.
3.  Gadget & Games
Small devices now cost relative, sometimes there are so many choices for gadget, and you can give a set of headset, loudspeaker and music equalizer, or a set of mini game console or even joystick. Just make it fun, it sounds great for me. Gadget can be found anywhere and boys usually really love hi-tech gadget.

Does it make sense? I hope this information will help you a lot :D



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