Saturday, 2 July 2011

What Do Life and Death for?

Have you ever lost a precious person in your life? Slow but sure, every human in this life is going to feel such a tragedy. If I have a choice, of course I do not want to lost anybody even he or she is not my relatives or friends, but if I do not lost one of them, of course this earth will be heavier and even get lost. That is why humans and creatures are decomposing and back to the earth for their deaths. There are so many ways to face our deaths, one of my neighbor died while he was playing basketball, he collapsed and lost his breathe, it happened suddenly and at last he faced his death. My grandpa died because of his deathbed, he had a bad blood tension because he used to smoke even he was a fit person who always rode his bicycle every morning. One of employee in front of our house died because of his careless. He was working on the upstairs and bring some woods, the woods was to heavy and lifted his body, he was shocked and trauma until his death. There was also an old granny near my grandma's house died because of her loneliness, her children went abroad and left her alone, nobody cared her and she died because of hunger. Or perhaps a couple of parents that killed by their own child in a tragedy murder. I don't know when and how I will face my death. Is it kind of deathbed, all of sudden, or maybe I will be killed by somebody in the future?  Nobody can guess it. I am not going to scare anybody or even myself with death news, but after i reviewed all those death, I can remind myself how precious person I am and how precious everybody is. Someday I will disappeared, someday I will lost everybody. That's why, we need to share our loves and cares to everybody, even they are those you do not like, even you do not know who are they, make proud of them and tell them that you really love them. Make them smile and happy. :)


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