Wednesday, 27 July 2011

How to Be A Good Boyfriend?

:"D Hi all... Nowadays I spend my time for blogging a lot, dunno why I am not busy as usual.. Hahaha~ No idea at all.. Well, today I have just read a good article, perhaps I can share a lot to you especially boys..

So many boys depress because left by their girlfriend, sometimes there are 2 types responds of boys, they are going to let their angers burn to hell or they will hope for second chance to rebuild the relationship. On the other hand, I believe not all of boys can be so tough and mostly they burn their angers through the girls exactly, even it doesn't look good, boys cannot control themselves, sometimes their heartbeats kick hurtfully, sometimes they feel being betrayed. Well, to avoid such a disappointment, of course we need a solid relation and it begins from the boy himself.

So what should you pay attention to?

1. Be honest, please
Yeah, even me and myself do not really know boys' things (that's because I am single), but unfortunately mostly girls said that boys are not trust able in some questions or opportunity. Well, admit it or not, that is what really happen, girls really hate lie at all. You can be so sure to be honest if you really love your girlfriends, I know it is important also to keep secrets or private, but when you start to be honest in something, you are going to avoid a misunderstand happens, it is not difficult to treat a girl.

2.She needs friends, not only you
Some boys are really over protective, mostly they meet, talk, chat have a lunch or meal together in the same time, girls are also human beings, they are going to be bored with this daily activity. Remember, they really need their friends also, there are so many things that girls cannot tell you actually, especially private one. You are going to be a good boyfriend when you allow her to hang out to her friends and not to be over protective, it is okay if you are jealous that boys outside will take your girlfriend,  but if you really trust her, it is necessary not to be afraid. :)

3. Simple Gifts
I have ever heard an experience of my friend, well her boyfriend forgot with her birthday and they broke up they day after. Well, I am not emphasizing that you need to prepare a set of gifts for her, but KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid). I don't ask you to kiss anybody, okay? Sometimes boys look really annoying, I feel it in some occasion, you want to give a special things but you make it becomes complicated, and at last your girlfriends blush in anger. Example, you want to show your love on the street, in front of the public, it is not a good idea, why? Some girls love romantic dinner or simple date, go to cinema or park with flowers, it is a shame to tell your deepest love in front of public.   

These suggestions only small things for you to pay more attention, hopefully you can start from small few changes then :D



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