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10 Signs A Boy Is Falling In Love

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Problems :
Lots of girls are panic when they try their best to attract attention of boys they like. Frankly speaking, mostly girls are who do not conscious with the reaction of the boys. So what are the 10 signs a boy is falling in love with you? Let us check it out!

Well, I am not a psychiatrist or mind reader, so don't be afraid, I just share what I read and what I know, hopefully you can catch some of benefits here.

10 Signs A Man In Love:

1.) He behaves shy around you

He might be an extrovert of the highest nature but he behaves shy when he’s talking to you. This can be taken as definite sign that the man is in love and that you hold a special place in his heart.

2.) He calls you on some pretext or the other

If it becomes obvious that he called you for no specific reason but just to talk to you, though he cites some made up reason, then you can sure that he is interested in you. He might even send messages or emails specifically with the intention of initiating contact.

3.) He tries to make eye contact with you ever so often

Whenever you are around he tries to make eye contact with you. Whenever you look at him you see him looking at you either directly or overtly. These are obvious signs that he has a crush on you.

4.) He has a different body language when you are around

You can see an apparent change in his body language when he sees you around. He might unconsciously touch up his face or hair, he might adjust his tie or play with his collar. This would indicate a rush of adrenaline in him whenever you are around, definite sign that a man is in love.

5.) He blushes when you pay him a compliment

People tend to blush when complimented so this is not an obvious sign but if you detect that he blushes specifically around you rather than with others then it would be indicate that he has special feelings for you. This may not be true for all men but a good majority of them.

6.) He stammers while talking to you

When a man is in love and is infatuated with a girl he gets tongue tied while talking to her. This is natural and can be taken as a definite sign that a guy likes a girl in a special way. Though the guy might actually feel miserable about stammering, it looks pretty cute from the girl’s perspective.

7.) He tries to help you with your work

If you see that a guy is making an effort to help you specifically, it would indicate that he is interested in you. He might help you with your office work or may offer to drop you home or pick you up for work, stuff like that. These are signs that a man is in love.

8.) He remembers your birthday

Most men are not good at remembering dates. If he remembers your birthday you can take it as a strong sign of his interest in you. In all likelihood he will get you a birthday gift too.

9.) He gives you preferential treatment

If there are a few girls in your group, or office circle, and you find that he gives preferential treatment to you alone then it would indicate his interest. You might see him smiling at you specifically or he might get you coffee out of his own interest, stuff like that.

10.) He starts improving his personal appearance

If a man is in love, he transforms his external appearance – hairstyle, dressing sense et al – in a short period of time after you came around in his vicinity, it would indicate that he is trying to impress you. Priming up is a definite sign that a man is in love.

So these are top signs a man is in love with you; remember not to generalize though. You can stay comforted in the knowledge that if a guy likes a girl he will surely make his intention known, even if he is an introvert of the highest kind. Men are like that.


  1. That doesn't help me i want to know how to do the signs and how will i know.

    1. Just be yourself then
      Sometimes boys did so without realizing it, by asking how to do the signs, we will not feel relax

      I believe that some girls know this signs if it happens naturally, and only the girls who is really interested in the boys know well about this sign

      Falling in love is very complicated, sometimes we r afraid of our own deeds in front of him/her. But again, frankly speaking to say truthfully is the best way, to tell u the truth it is not easy and u should be prepared the risk whether he or she approve you or not

    2. love to read diz kind of articalz...nice work...:)

    3. Thanks for d compliment C:
      I hope this is qinda helpful

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