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Being A Vegetarian, Is It Good or Not?

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Well, today I am going to share you an unusual topic. 

Vegetarian? Well, first of all, when I was a kid, I wondered why people became vegetarian, because my uncle is a vegetarian, what I know is God creates the animals and plants for human, of course it is consumable. While this principle has begun, one of my friends has planned to be a vegetarian. I was shocked on that day... You know, it looks worst than I thought to become a meatless, when you miss those fried crunchy chicken or may be steak, and you are going to leave it forever? It is terrible actually... so I search for some information about vegetarian.

Problems :
Being a vegetarian is not an easy principle in our lives. Some people become a vegetarian with some reasons, perhaps religion, moral or self's reason. Well, for me generally people still misunderstand what vegetarian is, for further information, it is important to know what the advantages and disadvantages of being vegetarian.

Here are the facts!

Generally, before we want to talk about being vegetarian, it is better for you knowing the type of vegetarians.

1. Pure vegetarian (vegan)
Dairy product
  • People who are purely vegetarian, do not consume any dairy products such as milk, egg or cheese.
2. Lacto vegetarian
  • People who do not consume meat, but are still consuming milk product.
3. Lacto-ovo vegetarian 
  • People who do not consume meat, but are still consuming dairy product (such as cheese, milk, egg) and meat essences.

Here are advantages and disadvantages of being vegetarians : 

Advantages :

  • As a vegetarian, it is 100% true that you will stay away from heart diseases such as coroner or cholesterol and high intense of blood. 
  • Soil conservation. When grains & legumes are used more efficiently, our precious topsoil is automatically made more efficient in its use. We use less agricultural resources to provide for the same number of people.
  • Meat is deficient in vitamin. Being vegetarian means you will cherish your body with more good vitamins.
  • Pathogenic Microorganisms. There are a host of bacteria and viruses, parasites, worm, some quite dangerous, that are common to animals. When we eat meat, we eat the organisms in the meat. Micro-organisms are present in plant foods too, but their number and danger to human health is by no means comparable to that of those in meat.
  •  Being vegetarian means you minimize the amount of slaughter against animals. We also help the nature to be balance and save the population.
  • You will gain higher fiber food, so it is good for you digestive.
  • less chance of being overweight.
  •  healthier glow/clearer complexion.
  • Preventing you from allergies and acne which are from meat or flesh.

Disadvantages : 
  • Decreased protein - meat provides us with adequate store of protein which our body needs to use for activities related to the repair, growth and maintenance of cells in our body. Protein gives us energy and helps our body fight against infections.  There are other foods that give us protein such as eggs and milk.
  • Decreased creatinine, which comes from meat, helps our body build muscle mass, an essential function for every movement we make.
  • Lack of food choices – some restaurants and grocery stores still do not offer a wide selection of vegetarian entrees to choose from.  Also, when someone who is a vegetarian goes out to eat over at a friends house, there are not always vegetarian options available.
  • Lack of essential amino acids which are great supply of nutrition for adults.
  • It causes your blood to be diluted. So it is hard for your blood to reformed. When you get injured or scar on your skin, it takes longer time to be recover. The worst one, when you lack of blood because of accident, it will lead you to quicker death or longer painful time. 
  • Difficulty when with a crowd. When you hang out with friends, other people will eat what they order in a current restaurant while you must find vegetarian or meatless food. 
  • You will feel weaker than usual, especially for those people who have just started it.
  • It is easy for you to feel hungry and tired. 
  • Decreased vitamins and minerals – strict vegans who do not partake in the use of any animal products of any kind, have to be more conscious of getting vitamins B12 vitamin, Iron and Calcium. Fortunately, these deficits can be made up for and supplements can be taken.

Well, whether you are vegetarian religious, health or any of moral of yourselves' reasons. It is OK when you choose to be a vegetarian, but for some people who have blood problems lack of protein and nutrition, it is better for you not to be a vegetarian. So for me, vegetarian does not look terrible anymore, but of course it has its own consequence. 


P.s : If you want to share your opinion, you can write on the chatbox or posting in this article. Hopefully, I need to know more information to share. Thanks.

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  1. Being healthy is more important rather than you are vegetarian or not. Have a balanced diet for happy living.

    1. Yes, I agree too, but again people have different preferences, balanced diet is a better choice but for those who really intend to avoid meat, being vegetarian is good

  2. I think the vegetarian has more benefit. The meat has more cholestrol than nutrition. Egg is good for health. Have a habit of eating egg daily.

  3. Pure vegetarians totally avoids milk, dairy products and egg. Its bad. Milk is essential for health for al ages.

    1. well, that is true but we can still gain calcium in broccoli and lima beans, and protein from grains and beans and even potato is a complete protein :)

  4. I go for vegetarian, as vegetarian men stay away from the risk of early dealth.

  5. If you are vegetarian or not, change the way you think about food. Have meat-free food habits in your healthy diet.

  6. being vegetarian or not is ur own choice, either health problem or religion reason, both vegetarian or not has its own benefit, but again, eating meat too much is not good, having meat free sometimes is also important for healthy life C:


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