Friday, 2 September 2011

Dantalian No Shoka (Bibliotheca Mystica de Dantalian)

Yo readers! Are you one of book lovers? Here are good anime for you. Well, as the holiday passed, I must learn some historical lesson and English. For such a bored holiday, I find a good anime to watch. Dantalian No Shoka is an anime that the plot of story begins with Hugh Anthony Disward inherits an old mansion and a personal library from his grandfather. In the basement of the mansion, he meets a mysterious girl, Dalian. She is a Dantalian and a gateway to "Dantalian's bookshelf", which stores the prohibited books of the demons.

From the beginning, I am a bit confused with the plot of story because the main character, Hugh Anthony Disward does not protest with his part that his grandpa just gives him such a task to take care of Dantalian without exact reason. But as the story flows to chapter 2 and three, I find the interest about the book of Phantom especially The Book of Fetus and The Queen of the Night chapter. 

You can download the anime starts from chapter 01  here : 

The story now has been released to chapter 01-07 (2nd of September 2011), hopefully you can watch and enjoy it.

Ouw yeaa, I am not giving you such an immoral anime, Okay? But the Dantalian is a gate keeper so when the main character need to open the gate, he takes his key and opens it exactly on Dantalian's chest, so KISS (Keep it simple) as a common anime,Okay? :D 
Keep it simple with this,Ok?

Anyway, Bibliotheca Mystica de Dantalian is also fantasy novel, written by Gakuto Mikumo, yeah perhaps if you love novel, it should be a good deal also. As of July 2011, eight volumes have been released. So until today, there are 8 volumes and is still ongoing.    
The Cover of The First Light Novel

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