Somebody In A New Atmosphere

I don’t really believe in a first sight when you start to love somebody. But today, everything has changed. I really hope much, but I can do nothing. When I was sitting on the class, my concentration breaks into pieces when I look at him. It is pretty hard to focus now, I do not understand why, something must be wrong, I believe so. He always sits around, if I sit in front, he will be beside, if I sit in the corner, he will sit in strategist place so that I can look at him. Is it a coincidence? I also do not understand.

I really hope much this year, after I have been recovered from last crush. It was damn disappointing. I thought everything would be okay when I put a lot of believe in somebody who I can rely on. But fate does not come true. It is obviously a stupidity.

I just want to know whether this is not a fake anymore. Amen. 


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