Wednesday, 29 August 2012

There Must Be Something Wrong With Me

I wonder how I grow this fast, it is just like once I close my eyes, the time has made its way this quick. I admit that I hardly ever manage to love somebody, it is hard. Why? It does not mean all my friends are not my type, frankly speaking some of them are qualified for me. But the problem is I always try to ignore and pretend to be deaf even somebody has knocked my door this hard, but I even do not look at him. Now, it is different, nobody knocks my door but  I want to try to knock an angel's door. I want to try my best but I am afraid it ends up with hurting my own-self.   

Perhaps it's my debut? I will laugh a lot then. I know I start to like someone, he is a stranger for me, somebody who is calm and independent. But I try to stand in front of a big mirror, look at my self whether I deserve to be in his place or not. It's strange for me, it goes pretty easy and enjoyable, he is a good person, talkative and humorous. But I think people think differently, some of my friends think that he is a weird and emotional person. So people seldom communicate with him, but I do have different opinion. I really hope to move on from past and say a big welcome to my lives.
Dear God, may everything goes good and heavenly. May all this effort flows as it will be.


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