Friday, 10 August 2012

I Want People to be Jealous of My Happy Life!

I want people to be jealous of my life! Lols~. It sounds so cocky even shows selfishness, doesn’t it? Well, this title does not make sense with my life now, but I do feel very happy nowadays. I have great family, SPL, my beloved class XII IS 1 at school, and everybody around me are so kind. I do not know how to show my thanks and gratitude to them and God one by one, but they are the most dearly people around me.

My family consists of Dad, Mom, and big bro. Dad is a hardworking person, strict, protective to me (even sometimes I do not like how he borders my life in some reasons, but I love him very much, although daddy is a smoker, and I hate smoker whoever he or she is but he wants to stop smoking for me). Mom, the greatest person in my life, also strict but caring each other, a great strategic behind daddy (even mom’s cook does not taste good, because mom is a carrier woman and mom is also not good in driving, but I love her more than everyone on this earth!). Big bro, my only sibling, he is too cool and sometimes annoying, quite arrogant, even so he is a good driver, he picks me up from school every day and helps me with a lot of homework and tests. They are greatest family ever.

I wrote it in Damai Beach when having trip with SPL C:
SPL (Santu Petrus Linguists), the greatest organization ever in my life, although everybody comes from different classes from the beginning and most of them are my juniors, I really like them and the atmosphere inside of it! My coach, Sir Hendriek, my teammates (Ciput, Gerry, Melvin, Cokro), my juniors (Edwin, SAW, Bella, Huiliana, Fausta, Hanny), they are great! Today we have a new selection for first grade; I really hope that we will have a bigger family at school.

My beloved and last class, XII IS 1, thanks for everything. I really love my class, although it is only the second weeks, but I do love everybody.  Our class leader, vice leader, my friends who have been working hard until today, I really feel comfort to be here and always stay at the same class. Everything looks perfect for me. Teachers in my high school SMA Santu Petrus Pontianak, the greatest school ever in my life with qualified teachers who always support me in every competition, in every decision I take, in every effort I put and in every mistake I did, they never complain and always support me. I cannot mention them one by one but they do really change my life. I still remember the one of me who is easily giving up, ashamed of my skill and never trying in new things but here I do.

People around me until today, the people who always cheer and support me, thank you for everything. Without you all, I could not be so happy like yesterday, today and tomorrow. You all are my happiness. This is my life today and I understand one day it will vanish and probably be separated. Some will go east some will go west and some will stay, but no matter wherever we go, we are under the same sky and wherever how far it is, I believe this happiness will be everlasting.

The people, who are sad or not happy of your life now or until today, please open your eyes, you are around of great people and they are not permanent. So make use of your lives and happiness and be jealous of my happy life and seeks for the same happiness as mine. And you will say thanks God, I am still alive!


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