Wednesday, 15 August 2012

La Storia della Arcana Famiglia

Dear readers,
Several days more Muslims will end their fasting month and here comes celebration for Idul Fitri day. Our school has our holiday starts from today, so I watch some anime for my leisure time and one of them is La Storia della Arcana Famiglia. 

Episode count: 12
Genre: Shoujo, Action, Romance, Harem
It is located in an island named Regalo, this island has been protected through generation under an organization, you can call it as mafia but in a good one. This organization consists of people who have skill called as Arcana Tarroco, so these various skills are based on Tarot cards. This island is under a landlord and every members calls him as Papa and his wife as Mama. The landlord has only one daughter named Felicita. This organization is based on family, each members are mostly Felicita's cousins or even orphanages who are being taken care in Arcana family. One day, the landlord of Regalo decided to retire and based on the rules Felicita should take care of the peace in Regalo, but thing goes different. The Landlord decide to held a Arcana Duel where everybody has equal chance to be a leader of Regalo and the winner can marry his only daughter, Felicita. Felicita is so shocked and disagrees with Papa's decision and has a fight in front of all members. Felicita failed to change Papa's mind and becomes prize of the duel. Felicita's freinds in the same division decide to fight for her sake while others are competing to be a leader and marry Felicita. 

The storyline seemed promising. Everything, seemed promising, everything has so much potential. I think this one is a good recommandation for you to watch. 

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