Monday, 1 August 2011

Chocolate Cake, Lovely and Best Ever

Hi readers! Cake is one of snack or I can say dessert that of course most of you love. I love cake especially chocolate cake!!!! I just want to share a lot of chocolate cakes that I can find while I browse. :D 

1. Plain Chocolate cake 
Chocolate cake really poisons me, terrible. I really love chocolate since I was toddler. My aunt has allergy with chocolate while she was 18 years old. Poor her, she can't enjoy the richness of chocolate that let you fly to heaven. :D

2. Molten cake

Do you know molten cake? Yes, this cake that have the secret chocolate inside and will melt in your mouth and send you to heaven. Waaaaaa... Can't imagine its taste anymore.. Perfecto!!!! It has chocolate sauce that melt over your tongue and bhaaam!!! It melts and melts over the time.. It has been a long time I do not consume this chocolate cake yet.

 3. Black Forest
 Black forest, chocolate cake with real choccolate, chococlate cream and cherries. Great and blush me always. This cake is sweet and soft, sometimes there is also sugar powder on the top. Haiigghh~ I am hungry already...
4. Chocolate muffin
This simple and easy cake which is lovely, small and cute has been known to people over the world. The texture of chocolate muffin does not show the real taste of chocolate actually. But of course it is delicious at all.



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