Sunday, 15 January 2012

Writer's Life Part 2# : What Is Mine???

I really wonder where do people get charm? Charm is an identical thing for each person. Not to mentioned, I do really have my own charm but I could not identify it. I read a book about psychology, it is said that your charm makes you being attractive. It also means a boring person does not activate their charm. 

Snow white and Cinderella have their charm. Snow white is beautiful and kind while Cinderella is joyful girl. Sometimes we do not notice our charm, that is why we can see there are a lot of people who are famous and infamous. I wonder what my charm is, and it will be only answered by my closest people. I want to ask my friends what is mine, but truthfully I am not confident about it or perhaps I will be over acting to hear that.

Charm is also a way for you to be popular. It can be talents, potential, your unique parts of body (example hair, legs, smile and breast) and also voice. Charm attracts other gender, example I am female and my charm attract males and also the opposite. Babies also have their charm, their laugh, their innocent eyes and their cute deeds. Charm could be original (so it means genetically) and you design it by imitating (but there is possibility it won't active). 
After I read the book, it said that why don't you try to ask ur closest friends? But I think it is too creepy~
So how I find it? May be it should be a mystery........................................... 


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