Sunday, 29 January 2012

Writer's Life Part 4# :The Tragedy of High Heels, Damn!!!

Damn!! Four days ago was bad day for me. BAD DAY EVER!! I really hate high heels started from tomorrow. You want to know the reason why? 
Let me start..
It was sunny, with nice breeze, and peaceful. My family and I decided to visit our relatives in Siantan (a small town close to our tiny town, Pontianak, West Kalimantan). I was very happy because I would like to meet my new nephew who has just born 4 months ago. His name is Lionell~ 100% Kawaii! (every baby is kawaii for me). His skin is as light as snow white and he wanted me to hug him, ouww, that part is sweet.

Back to the topic, what the hell happen actually?? I visited my grandma's sister and close to her house there was a large garden (whose garden it is? I am so sorry, this one is secret), I thought it was a bad idea to go there but my legs wanted to see around so I was walking around. Nicely, there is a lot of coconut and oranges tress, of course I like it. We took some oranges and went back. The soil is too soft that I collapsed and bruised my knees. 

The worst one, yes I was wearing high heels, yes I was collapsed, yes my knees was bruise, but hell my knees fell on cement floor while my body on the soil. 
I have just cure it with some medicine, quite large bruise
Poor me! How can it happen? I really wonder why it should not be on the soil but on the cement floor??
I wanted to cry, but two ladies that I respect in front of me (mom and grandma) were starring at me and said, "are you OK?".

If I cried, perhaps they will laugh at me, and I am sure my brother will! 
So I was walking back with my bleeding knees and bruised hands. 

I don't think it is a tall heels, 2 days before I hurt my kness, I'm ok walking with it?
You know, it is a garden, there was no any medicine and any kind of ointment, so I used pieces of tissues and mineral water to clean up my knees. 

When I was going home, it hurts a lot even until today!!!!! 
I lost my confident at school, walking like zombie with a lot of bruise on both legs.
What I am thinking of now is if I wear sandals of flat shoes, I believe it would not happen, so I learn something...

THAT'S IT!!!!!! 
This is my high heels.. Kinda cute, but remaining big trauma

Thanks for reading it, I feel better now.. hikz.. 
Have a nice day :)


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