Thursday, 12 January 2012

Baka to test Shoukanjuu

This is a great anime I have ever watched! I laugh uncontrolly, hell! This anime is made in 2011. If you like comedy, this one is the right choice. It has 13 episodes and one more season.

Baka to test Shoukanjuu (Season 1) start from a school named Fumizuki Academy. This academy places its student in different classes depends on their intelligence. Once, there is baka (stupid) student named, Akihisa Yoshii who is doing replacement exam.Suddenly a girl named Mizuki Himeji collapse and was fainted. Yoshii ask the teacher to let Himeji stop the test and have a rest but the teacher insists to say it was her fault not to take care of her health. As the result, Himeji and Yoshii get 0 point and also place in F class (the worst class), with other members, 
From left: Yuuji, Shouko, Kota, Yuko, Hideyoshi, Minami, Himeji
  • Minami Shimada (She is smart but because of living in Germany for a long time, she got 0 point for Japanese and get into F class), 
  • Yuji Sakamoto (he is smart of strategy and all subjects but he does not want to get into a class full of smart people, he is avoiding Shouko Kirishima, a girl in A class who wants to marry him and called him as fiance), 
  • Hideyoshi Kiinoshita (While he is bad in academics, he has unquestionable talent in acting, and can not only replicate the behavior and mannerisms of other people but also their voices as well. He also can dress instantly on the spot, he is fraternal twin with Yūko Kinoshita in A class), and 
  • Kōta Tsuchiya (he is bad in all subjects except health education, even his grades is higher than the teacher, because he knows a lot about human anatomy by being peeping-Tom). 
F class is the worst class ever, with dusty facilities, no chair only coffee table and broken blackboard, so to maintain better facilities, each class must do ESB, a summoning war. The winner and loser will exchange their facilities. Of course as the worst class, F class unite and try to exchange facilities.

Comedy, slapstick, fantasy, romance

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