Sunday, 22 January 2012

Witer's Life Part 3#: Chinese New Year in My Town

A year has passed, tomorrow we will celebrate Chinese New Year. I am so exciting even this year is the busiest time for celebrating such a moment. If I look at myself again in front of mirror, there are so many things happen to me. Well, of course I am so grateful with every pieces of my life, my family, friends and SPL. 
Talking about Chinese New Year, it seems like this year won't be so fascinating. Most of special celebration center in Singkawang city. Tourists and townies are going there while my town seems so boring. The government disallow people in my town, Pontianak to show dragon dance on the street and the reason is traffic jam. Well, frankly speaking, it has violated the human rights. People only have a show for 1-2 days.  And it should be culture conservation. I just hope it won't happen next year.
But of course, as a good Tiong Hua people, we won't lost our excitement not to celebrate. Today we have a feast, mom cooks a lot, and I even got a dizzy this morning by seeing so much things on the table. There are noodles, steamed fish with oriental spices, prawn dumplings, vegetables with mushroom, asparagus soup, chicken beer (arrack), sea cucumber soup and so on. In this feast, our families have a rule, at least we should have 5 kinds of dishes for today celebration every year. But, from all dishes, I prefer the dessert, longan drink. It is sweet, crunchy and cold.
We have prepared a lot of stuffs for Chinese New Year, snacks, cakes, nuts, oranges everything has been placed in jar. So joyful! I just hope you have the same feeling just like me. 
Again, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR, Mina!       


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