Monday, 26 March 2012

What A Busy Day!

I wonder how people describe about my life. Sometimes I am very jealous with the lives of my friends, they can go to school just like common students, chat with friends, go to office and meet the teachers, go to canteen to buy some meal, meet somebody who you like and spend your leisure time in school with worthy extracurricular. 

While me?? I go to school just like common students, but I stay in a room, do the data searching, read articles that actually does not fit my age (I read about war, cloning, science, nuclear, society problems, everything about pros and cons). Sometimes I feel bored of this situation, but sometimes I am proud of this. 

Perhaps some of my friends reckon that I am so smart, and they want to be like me. Some think I have a hard situation and full of loneliness. Sometimes I also miss my normal routine. Sometimes I feel upset when I see from the window when everybody is so exciting going home while I stay until the day almost turns to night. I go home late, tiring and lacking of hygienic.  

Some teachers take pity on me, they said it is hard to be a smart student. Some teachers are hoping me to join a lot of competition. Sometimes I just think this is a challenge, sometimes I feel that I can't hold it anymore. If I were in Sims game, I am lacking of social point. Lols~

When I am being separated by my teacher to focus and study, I feel so lonely, I can't share anything, how do I feel, how this pain flows and how everything goes... Terrible! :(

I try not to complain, but everything doesn't work well sometimes. I even think to have a boyfriend now, lols~

Will it be a good solution? I don't think so. But who knows, I will see what will happen later :)

Have a nice day and don't be like me, OK?
Happy blogging


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