Monday, 19 March 2012

Part 7 Writer's Life: I Won't Complain!!!!

Nowadays, I am very busy, and I must practice like hell. Not to mentioned, there will be lots of tasks that I will leave for next 2 weeks. OMG! I cannot imagine what I should do. But again, I will not complain, I have just passed my holiday for a week, and I believe it is more than enough. Well, true that in holiday I still did some activity such as reading books, shooting for the film and hanging out with SPL, friends and family. I even went to Singkawang with SPL, isn't it more than enough?

My mom always wonders how I enjoy my life in that busy way. Sometimes I thought I was really stupid, torturing myself like this. Some of my friends said that I am pretty clever enough at school but I mess it up by having competition. As the result, last smester I only got 8th rank. Poor me. But again, I won't complain. I enjoy every pieces of my choices whether it is sour, sweet, or bitter. This is LIFE should be. I do not want to spend my life for such boring moments such as being nice student, being so diligent, reading books all the time, having first rank but without any achievement. The question is, is there anybody admit your potential, your skill when you are diligent only? I believe nobody. Even I got 8th rank, everybody gives me good compliment, nobody complaints about my achievement at school especially scores even my own PARENTS!

Love interest:
Hmm, I cannot say much about this. For me, nothing happens nowadays. Sometimes I feel so lonely, while sometimes a bit jealous while I was looking at others who have mates, but sometimes I enjoy this single status and be so grateful. Again, I don't complain. But nowadays, I get interest in glasses males, because according to my point of view, glasses boys are nice and looks cool. But again, 

Nowadays I feel so fresh, energetic and I feel that most of things around me is challenging me. I really want to try a lot of things but I only have a pair of hands+ a brain. My backbone sometimes is stiff but it is not a big problem. I eat irregularly, and this is my worst habit! I hope I can manage it well. Oh God. For breakfast I eat punctually, for lunch usually it is being skipped while I was busy, and for dinner it can be around 4,  5,6 or even 7. Yesterday was the worst, I ate my dinner around 9! Mom scolds me a lot, but I always ignore it. What a bad  child I am! But again, I won't complain, I just need more time to work, to finish my task and read books. My sleep time becomes lesser, I slept at 11 everyday and the worst is almost dawn, around 1.30 or even 2. I hope I can manage it well so that I won't harm my health, hopefully I want to stop it.

Pssssstt!!! It is a secret! I sleep late, when my parents get into my room to check whether I have slept or not, I run as fast as cheetah and jump to my bed, pretending I was sleeping heavenly. I have done it for hundreds times, and luckily, they never notice it! lols~

Thanks for reading my lives, I really appreciate it.
Hopefully someday I may read one of yours.



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