Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Part 2: SPL on Holiday (Journey to Singkawang)

Brumm... Bruuumm~
The car started to active and we were very happy. Sir tried to turn on the air conditioner and went back to set our each position. In the front side still Sir, I and Yoanna. In the middle side Hanny, Ciput, Bella and Stephie. In the back side, Cokro (the guy who claims he is the most handsome in SPL), Gerry (the guy who is searching for his true love, but until today he can't), Edwin (my craziest junior and always bully me, while I bully him back) and Melvin (the tall guy and best third speaker in my third preliminary competition).

Then, hoooraaaay~ We start our trip. We started to panic because there would be 2 tolls. First, the reason is because we were over loaded, let me remind you, 11 people in a car, again IN A CAR. 

When we passed the first toll, Sir asked us to pray. 

Then I said, "Dear God, please allow us to pass".

My friends laughed at me, yeah that qinda funny but I was serious at that time ee. Soon, we pass the first toll and hopefully the second toll indeed.

When we passed Tugu Khatulistiwa, tall guy, Melvin said his leg was cramp, we were laughing because he was funny. 

Gerry said, "Hoy tall guy, are you cramping because of sitting among the girls?".

Then if  I am not mistaken Cokro or Edwin said, "Hey it is because of Bella!".

Then he shut his mouth and kept holding his cramping legs. Poor Melvin~

After that we passed an Equator monument in Siantan and close to there, there is an ancient cemetery, Chinese cemetery. Suddenly, Sir threw some coins from the window one by one.

Cling.. Clang.. Clang.. Cling.. It hit the car and made some coin tossed sounds.

"Sir, it must be a superstition, I guess", I said.

"Actually I don't believe it, but I have done it for a long time, so it becomes a habit. It's my mom's tradition", sir said.

"So what is it for?", I asked curiously.

"You know what I mean", he said and seems like he did not want to tell me at that time.

And of course I just silenced. Several minutes later, the cramping boy was complaining that he could not hold it anymore, then sir stopped the car and asked him to move in back side. He agreed and they changed the position and of course it looked more comfort rather than before.

The trip was so long, the car was too slow for me, because my daddy is crazy driver, so I get used to fast and extreme trip. It was only 40-50km speed, and I reckon it was too slow. We talked about lots of things, about our SPL, about proverbs, even about business. In that car, the atmosphere turned into professional talk show. Lols~

Everybody was sucking to toilets. Can't hold it anymore especially Gerry. We stopped at Sei. Pinyuh and exactly in a souvenir's shop. 

"2 half hours more", sir said.

Seems like everybody is still happy and enjoying the trip. lols~ I found some unique food there, there were pearl sago crackers, dried cassava balls, candies, more and more. 
 I bought a pack of dried cassava balls for us and it is very sweet, crunchy and savory, but yeah when you ate it, you will be in messy because it spread everywhere.
(to be continued...........)


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