Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Part 1: SPL on Holiday (Journey to Singkawang)

"There is no other journey can beat this one!!!", that is the words comes up in my mind.

2 days ago we were having  trip to Singkawang, a nice city in West Kalimantan. We spend around4-5 hours to there. It was cloudy and windy, the day was clear and lovely breeze blew up.This is not a common trip but absolutely a nice trip. So I will tell you what happen at the first time.
We were planning to gather in our English teacher's house at 7.30 a.m, but sadly I was late because I need to go to monastery. I was late, very late, I came at 8.15 am and looked like people were waiting for a long time. Eventually, we departed and locked the door with our bags. 

"How many of us will go? One, two three, seven, ten, plus me, eleven", said sir.

"What? 11 people in one car?", said Gerry.

"Come! come!", said sir.

We forced to get in and here comes up the position, 3 people in front (Yoanna and I, sir in driver's seat), 4 people in middle (Ciput, Hanny, SAW and Bella) and 4 people in back side (Gerry, Cokro and Edwin). It was sucked and of course not large enough, and yeah it was over loaded, very over loaded. But it's fine, even I am babbling to death and complain, there is no other way. When my teacher tried to activate the car, the machine did not work, then he tried and tried.

"Oh My God, Oh My God, we are dead", said sir.

By hearing that, sir asked us to get out of the car and asked the boys to push the car.

"If I know, I won't come. It is better to have my Innova!!!", complained Gerry.

Other boys did not complain and with hopeful eyes they pushed the car but it came up with no result. For the second time again and again sir tried to activate the car and boys were pushing the car.

As a girl, and with other girls, what should we do? I laughed of this incident, looking at the boys were pushing car is quite funny. Lols~ What I really remember is when Edwin and Cokro, they looked very hopeless and Edwin laughed and said it was his first experience.

(To be continued.............)


  1. twas indeed my first experience, and was i that hopeless -.- wkwkwk

  2. hwahwhahwaha~ I was looking at u and cokro.. It was hopeless face.. Probably u don't want to admit it?


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